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Touch N Seal Fireblock Foam 24 Oz

Touch N Seal Fireblock Foam 24 Oz

Product # 112
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An ICC code complying fireblock penetration sealant suitable for Type V residential constructions. The bright orange color alerts building inspectors that this foam has been tested with modified ASTM-814 and UL-1715 and evaluated by ICC-ES (ESR-1926).

Withstands flaming over twice as long as the leading competitor, lending crucial seconds to dangerous situations. Gun Foam II is not a firestop.

- Yield (linear feet)
- 1/4" bead - 3200
- 3/8" bead - 1420
- Density - 1.2-1.8 lbs./cu.ft.
- R Value - 4.5 per inch thickness
- Max. Service Temp for Cured Foam - 240F (116C)
- Shelf Life - 18 months
- Flame Spread - 15
- Smoke Developed - 25

Note: that an application gun is not included, but may be purchased separately (see Low Expansion Foam Guns).